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Believe You Can Heal

We hold in our body the answer to our pain, and once you find the answer there is such an incredible GIFT waiting for YOU.

Get to know any human on this planet and it will not take you long to realize that we all want the same thing – a life filled with joy and love where we live in harmony with the people around us.


Guess what? That life of joy and love is just on the other side of your pain, and Passion Coaching can help you get there.

Passion Coaching 3 Step System


RECOGNIZE the real source of your pain…


REPROGRAM the things that do not serve you…


Freeing you to RADIATE the truth of who you really are!

“All the challenges I’ve experienced- having cancer 5x, chronic pain, depression, autoimmune diseases – are truly gifts. My story gives you permission to believe that you too can heal yourself.

So many people feel lost right now and you may be one of them. Things are changing so fast and you just need stability in your body, mind and spirit.

You need to know YOU are a beautiful, powerful being and HAVE THE STRENGTH to go through this transformation.

I have done it, and so can you.”

- Anette DeMattio, The Passion Coach

How could I possibly HEAL MYSELF? Passion Coaching will teach you that

It's OK if you don’t believe that right now because that is what society teaches us. However the body is designed to heal itself. Your body has an innate wisdom that is absolutely brilliant and knows how to heal.

Anette can help you access your inner wisdom and help you release and transform those limiting beliefs so you CAN heal yourself.

Every person has channels that connect them to their higher self or soul – This higher self is a HUGE source of power! And if you think you are CRAZY for believing in a higher part of you – then it is normal to be crazy – because 95% of the world believes in a higher self or soul! You can can think of it as your own inner teacher!

These channels to our soul is what most people experience as intuition. While Anette is teaching and coaching you, she is also clearing those channels for you. Clearing out what? Low frequencies – As those channels clear, your ability to understand your situation and find answers becomes easier, it’s putting your intuition on SUPER POWER.

Even if your condition seems overwhelming, Anette can guide you through. Think about this, if we had never worked out we wouldn’t go to the heaviest weight in the gym and start there! We aren’t going to the most painful part of our body or our life first, but instead go to something that feels more manageable where we will learn, grow and get stronger. Through this process, you can develop a set of skills that can help you in every area of your life – for the rest of your life!

How it Works

Anette DeMattio is masterful at getting to the root cause of a client’s issue.

Like a laser she can cut through and see truth very quickly – using her strong intuition and ability to receive information from your higher self.

She helps people get to the next level - raising their vibration higher and higher by disintegrating those negative, lower frequencies like fear, worry and grief. By disintegrating those lower frequencies you will end the suffering and begin to move forward in your health and life.



I worked with Anette to get through some life challenges and depression. Her intuitive, compassionate coaching helped me resolve emotional issues and transform my old limiting beliefs. I feel I healed my soul and helped heal my family too. I feel positive about my future and am thankful for Anette’s gift of healing through her words, love, and energy. She helped me to see the light.

Virginia M, Wilton CT

Anette combines years of professional and spiritual experience in her practice. The moment you meet her, you are put at ease and a sense of calmness comes over you. I was at a crossroad in my career and life and anxious about the future. Anette was able to guide me in a direction I was not even thinking of. I am now in a field I find both financially and spiritually fulfilling.

John C. Esq., NY, NY