Anette DeMattio

Her story...

Anette was first diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 3 years old. Because of the rarity of her cancer, she spent much of her young life in and out of hospitals where teams of doctors would examine her like a science experiment. Given that the cancer affected organs of the reproductive system this was a truly traumatizing experience for a young woman.

During her adult life she began a successful career doing what she loved… helping people. She worked as a coach helping executives find the career that made them feel passionate and alive. But when Anette decided she was ready to start a family, her struggle with infertility began. The next step according to western medicine was to do hormone therapy and a round of IVF. Deep down she felt uneasy about what the hormones could do to her body having had cancer, but she followed her medical doctor’s advice (not her intuition) and began the treatments.

Her treatments were unsuccessful and instead of growing a baby, she grew a cancerous tumor. Over the next decade, Anette was faced with 4 more cancer diagnoses, chronic pain, anxiety and depression, Epstein Barr Virus and Hashimoto's disease. Although her career had to take a back seat to getting well, Anette began to take control of her health and became the CEO, Chief Empowerment Officer, of her life.


Anette DeMattio, The Passion Coach

  • MA, Organizational Psychology, Columbia University
  • Wellness and Life Coach, Institute for Life Coaching
  • Holistic Health Coach,  Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Medical QiGong Healer/Teacher, Chinese Healing Arts Center
  • Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Program, currently enrolled
  • Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Hippocrates Health Institute, currently enrolled

On her journey Anette began to explore alternative and holistic therapies while continuing her conventional treatments. She became a Reiki Master and incredibly educated in eating for health and learned many ways to support the human body. Later she trained to be an Alchemy healer, Medical Qigong healer, Shamanic healer and teacher.  Anette is also an Ordained Minister. And, she is certified as a Wellness and Life Coach and as an Holistic Health Coach. She is currently enrolled in a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Program as well as Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Program.

Anette  discovered the power of the mind-body-spirit connection. She discovered that our thoughts and feelings are at the root core of everything we do and everything we become. She processed her traumas from early childhood to also heal those emotional wounds and release the pain they were causing her creating true healing.

Amidst her trials the one thing that kept her going was her conviction that when she was able to heal herself she would use the knowledge and strength she gained to help other people pull themselves from the depths of despair. Anette dug herself out of the depths of darkness of fear, worry, stress, anxiety, crushing responsibilities, PTSD, grief, pain, infertility, betrayal, self-doubt and low self-esteem.


Today Anette is healthy and no longer homebound from pain. Her dream of using her experiences to empower others to health has come true and she has been able to restart her career as the Passion Coach. This time as a coach who is absolutely passionate about helping people transform their life by delving into, releasing and reprogramming negative emotions - so they never have to get any illness like autoimmune disease or cancer anymore. Anette empowers people with tools to help heal themselves through her Passion Coaching, as well as giving alchemical healings to help clients break through barriers, and training others to become Reiki healers.