Alchemy Healing


Alchemy is the art of transforming or “alchemizing” lower frequency or vibrational energies with higher frequency energies...

For example, fear and pain are both low vibration energies. On the other end of the scale, Love and Joy are high vibration energies. In your session, Anette will connect with the needs and desires of your higher self. Checking in with your higher guidance allows Anette to find and remove low vibration energies you may not even be aware of that often cause the pain or negative emotion. Often, when people have “tried everything” alchemy is a powerful tool for finding and resolving the root cause of the issue.

All healing by nature is an alchemical process.

Energy healing is a natural therapy that gently balances the body’s life-force and brings health and well being to the recipient. Anette’s healing modalities include Reiki, Medical QiGong, Alchemy healing and Shamanic healing. For those who are in transition, Anette provides Shamanic transition healing helping people to peacefully crossover.

The fusion of these diverse healing methods along with the principles of alchemy creates a healing that is practical and applicable in today’s world for emotional, physical and spiritual growth.

During each session, Anette will channel messages of healing information to assist in your healing and spiritual journey. Healing Sessions can be done in person, long distance, telephone or video conference. Energy healing is excellent for healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues and gives wonderful results.

1 Session $175 per hour

5 Session Package $825 ($165 per hour)

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