Passion Coaching

We all have the POWER to transform our own health and lives to turn around any situation once we learn how to HARNESS our INNER WISDOM.

This amazing power and energy comes through us from God or Source or whichever name you would like to refer to as being a universal or higher power.

Anette holds a healing space for your health and soul’s highest purpose…

It’s her mission to see authentic change in this world, which includes you feeling loved, empowered and truly happy!

In Passion Coaching you will...

⫸ Awaken your innate wisdom and soul’s purpose

⫸ Learn tools for pain relief and overcoming stressful situations

⫸ Have less pain & inner struggle – be more joyful, calm and peaceful

⫸ Discover passion for life

⫸ Heal your emotional and spiritual body

⫸ Increase your energy and vitality

⫸ Become empowered and love yourself

⫸ Gain clearer focus in life – putting you on the path to success

⫸ Discover hidden gifts and talents & increase your Intuition

⫸ Have a beautiful & healthy relationship with your body

⫸ Learn how to manifest what is in alignment with your heart, soul and inner truth

⫸ Create a loving and peaceful environment around you

After surviving and healing from childhood cancer, infertility, miscarriage, autoimmune diseases, PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and FOUR breast cancer diagnoses - Anette has discovered the KEY to health and happiness. She has discovered that the health of our bodies is DEEPLY CONNECTED to our emotional and spiritual well-being.

As she healed her emotional wounds, every diagnosis became a treasured GIFT as she uncovered the secret of how to live a life of JOY and PASSION.

Anette has spent the last 2 decades preparing for this powerful stage of her life. She has mastered releasing old emotional patterns and beliefs that were causing so much emotional and physical pain.

One of the most powerful beliefs she used to get through her ordeal was knowing that she would one day use what she learned to help others... Now is that time.

Anette’s Full Bio

Anette’s 3-R Process for transformation creates rapid transformation by guiding you to Recognize, Reprogram & Radiate creating a new mindset that aligns your subconscious to your conscious self. Anette’s intuitive gifts of energy healing and claircognizance will help you get to the root cause of the disturbance or roadblock to resolve it. You will learn tools to reach a mindset of health and passion… radiating your inner truth and beauty!.

If you find this exciting, Anette invites you to apply to one of her life-changing packages…

1 hour of Private Coaching$225

12 Session Package$2,220 ($185/hr)

6-session Package$1170 ($195/hr)

24 Session Package$4200 ($175/hr)

Can you imagine a life that flows your intentions to you with ease and grace... Gone is the old adage “No pain. No gain.”

Can you imagine a life where what you want and desire is brought to you, simply because you asked? It has nothing to do with luck. You can be in alignment with your truth and take direction from your higher self.

Anette can help you get there.


My health is stopping me from having the life I really want. Can Passion Coaching help me?

Passion Coaching is perfect for people who are struggling with major issues, pain, chronic illness, cancer and the like AND for people just looking to fine tune their results and PREVENT blocked energies from manifesting into one of these more challenging dis-eases. The only difference is the persistence, time and dedication healing will take. By the time an energy has manifested physically, it is usually well ingrained and will take more time to unwind. The good news is once you heal the patterns that caused the issue, there are fabulous gifts on the other side.

Let me give you an example, say you are struggling from chronic heart burn… it takes some time, but eventually you are able to process that anger and sadness in your heart space that is manifesting as pain. Once that energy is processed you may find not only your heartburn healed but that the love of your life shows up soon after or a dream job opportunity opens up! If that energy had never caused physical pain, you may have lived your whole life blocked from that exciting experience!

I just want to be happy. Can you help?

What’s the secret to having a passionate life? A life of feeling happy, fulfilled productive and successful? A passionate life requires you to have a mindset that will allow you to live a life of authenticity, clarity and courage to be true to yourself. How does this happen? By delving into the roadblocks, clearing the debris so your energy flows down new paths. Free to be the real you. You will experience profound shifts in energy which will allow you the freedom to shine.

I’ve tried everything and feel like I’ll never get out of this pain. How can you help?

By clearing and changing the old stories you play your mind, old beliefs, negative self-talk, and worry that stop you. It’s important in your healing process to become aware of these low frequencies in order to heal them. Anette will help you transform them with healing alchemy and to release and reprogram them with new dialogue leading to a happy, creative and passionate life. Once the old energy and mindset are cleared, you will gain freedom, clarity and connection to your soul and begin getting what you really want and move closer to your goals and dreams.